Nine planets around the sun, only one does the sun embrace…

Sunday musings…

I’ve been slacking on the writing lately. My world seems rushed in all directions as I try to make sense of which way to go in regards to my real and second. Slow motion driving as I figure out the reigns. My faith in most is wavering again. I keep to myself within my real and even in second I keep quiet. Yes! I do talk to those I find close, but I feel a farce at times. Maybe – just maybe I’m not sure of myself. But why? I am a survivor. I am strong – a force to be reckon with.

I have become unemotional when it comes to other’s feelings. I feel bad that I do not offer more warmth, but I seem to care less. I care less, because people – a lot I see, are petty. They do not see the beauty in relations, in people. They are so about “themselves” and their drama that the people are them are nothing but pawns in their game. Those close to me can kind of see…I’m okay. Maybe I just need the time to find me again. I worry that if I pull myself back in deep though, that I will implode the relationships that I have now.

I need faith. I need something to center myself. Whether it be here or there, or in between. Life needs to balance out.

I need to find my sun again.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤
– Garden Friends / Diarmuid Miklos *The Arcade*
+Half-Deer+ – Eternal Spring / Halogen Magic *The Arcade*
Blueberry – Avela Tank Tops / Blueberryxx *FaMESHed*
TRUTH – Delphine / Truth Hawks *Uber*
Izzie’s – Coin Jewelry in Silver / Izzie Button *Uber*
an lar [poses] / Katya Valeska
Sim: An Lar Estates

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