Sunday musings…

Second Life is in a constant rotation. Every day – nothing stays the same. The train of change is constantly clattering down the tracks. If you disembark the train, it continues on, never once thinking that you might be lost in the smoke, still trying to figure out where you are. It’s a constant ever changing face. A new design, a new style. We never seem to become complacent or comfortable. I for one have not been “comfortable” in quite some time. The more new, the more releases, the more of everything and before we know it – our inventory holds us captive. We are at the mercy of what we sow.

Take for example…today is the last day of Skin Fair 2015. Prior to the opening, bloggers blogged all the new that would be gracing the event. Designers released new faces to Second Life community. We oohhhed and ahhhed over the pretty new faces. Yet within the space of two weeks, new faces arose. The battle to be new again was thick as thieves.

I remember when skin releases took months and the anticipation to try on the new face was exhilarating. I miss those days. So for now, I wear many faces. I ride the merry-go-round until someday I find what I am looking for and disembark.

But for now, I’m at the mercy of the ride.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤

One: -Belleza- Tess in Sunkissed / Shyla Diggs *Skin Fair 2015*
Two: -Belleza- Beth in Medium / Shyla Diggs *NEW*
Three: -Belleza – Jia in Pale / Shyla Diggs *Uber*

One: TRUTH Hair Mireya / Truth Hawks *NEW*
Two: TRUTH Hair Fynnea / Truth Hawks *NEW*
Three: TRUTH Hair Fynn / Truth Hawks *NEW*

Body: – Belleza- Mesh Body Venus / Tricky Boucher
Eyes: IKON – Charmed Eyes in Hazel / Ikon Innovia
Headpiece: =Zenith= Just Flowers / Miffyhoi Roscoe *Shiny Shabby*
Pose: an lar [poses] / Katya Valeska

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